Amanda Gonchakov, 54

When I became Daniel’s client I felt very unhealthy and unfit. I was obese on medical charts for my age and height, I had high blood pressure and I couldn’t climb the stairs without being out of breath! I knew I had to alter my life style and improve my health or my quality life would deteriorate more, so decided to find a personal trainer. 

I’m so happy to have chosen Daniel. My personal training with Daniel has given me so much confidence to
that I could reach the goals that I wanted to
including weight loss, healthy eating and overall fitness. Daniel tailored an exercise and nutrition plan specifically for me, I believe without this plan and Daniel’s encouragement and enthusiasm, I would not have reached them.  At times it took determination and will power to stay focused, but Daniel supported me every step of the way to keep me on track.

I have dropped 4 dress sizes, my blood pressure is now normal and I entered the Leicester Half Marathon (13 Miles), completing it non-stop to the finishing line! It was a lifetime experience for me, which I NEVER dreamed I would be able to do! I am so proud of what I have achieved. I am a new person in my now more healthy and toned body, and look forward to achieving more goals in the future!

Thank you Daniel!

Paul Young, 17

I have been training with Daniel for about a year now, as I wanted to improve my fitness and to ensure I could achieve my personal best.  It is great to have a trainer who is able to teach youths and keep them interested in their sessions. Daniel is professional, supportive and motivational. His enthusiasm has significantly encouraged me to accomplish my goals and strive for more in the future.

Vikki Turner, 31

I began my search for a personal trainer as every year I promised myself I would improve my fitness and another year rolled by and I stayed the same.  I was lacking confidence and worried about joining with a trainer, as I was overweight and concerned about training with someone. After I met Dan we connected quickly and all my concerns were forgotten.  He designed session specific to my needs and my fitness goals that I explained to him the first session.  Dan is a top trainer as his motivational skills convince you that exercising and loosing weight is fun! I feel 100 times better now that I have Dan by my side creating goals for me and building up the confidence I needed to lead a better and healthier lifestyle. 

 Ricky Duncan, 28 

I’ve been training with Daniel about 6 months now. My ultimate goal was to loose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. Dieting alone wasn’t working for me and I was never motivated to go to the gym alone. Dan’s guidance and motivation has allowed me to become the best I can be, each session is enjoyable and I look forward each week to striving towards the goals Dan sets for me. Dan is a master trainer and a great friend!