Sporting Injury Rehabilitation

Whether you are keen to boost your fitness, play competitively, or simply increase your general wellbeing, there are many good reasons to take part in sport and exercise.

While the benefits of any form of exercise should outweigh the risk, at some point most people will experience an injury of some kind, ranging from minor strains and sprains to more serious injuries, such as dislocations and fractures.

There are a number of things you can do to reduce your chances of getting injured, but no matter how careful you are, and how much you prepare for your chosen sport or overall fitness goal, injuries can still occur.

The good news is that sustaining an injury doesn’t have to dent your dreams of athletic success, or blow a hole in your training programme.

While it is essential to give your body sufficient time to heal – and you must accept that your level of activity will be disrupted, DP-fitness can design a recovery programme that is specifically suited to your needs.

Most sporting injuries affect you musculoskeletal system your bones, ligaments, muscles, nerves and tendons. Understanding the physiology of the body is crucial in providing good sound knowledgeable advice into how to treat prevent and aid recovery.

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People may lose confidence in their ability and technique to perform certain exercises due to an injury and may be afraid of further repercussions if they resume training. After a prolonged injury it can be extremely difficult to get back to being active.

When’s the right time? And what exercises should you do?

What can a sports injury consultation/ personal training session do for you:

  • Tone and strengthen muscles surrounding the injury that have atrophied [muscle wastage] due to lack of use.
  • Improve range of movement [flexibility] around joints were previous injuries may have hindered movement.
  • Regain confidence in using areas of the body that have sustained an injury.
  • Increase awareness of personal injuries and how exercise and nutrition can help to improve your health.